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The Arc @ Austin Hill

Austin Hill, Johor
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Bangi Evo Soho

Bangi, Selangor
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Upper East @ Tiger Lane

Tiger Lane, Ipoh
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The Arc @ Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya, Selangor
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Diamon Residence @ Serdang

Seri Kembangan, Selangor


Developer News

Should Developers Embrace Technology?

Source for the image above Tradition and the norm may be comfortable after awhile because it becomes a routine for most property developers. But is business as usual really a good thing without looking forward? The digi...
24 June 2016
Investment Picks

Landed Properties Are Still The Best Choice

It seems the old adage is true, if you're going to buy a home make sure to buy one built on solid ground. Developers across Malaysia have been reporting strong demand for landed property despite the slowdown of property...
23 June 2016

Fighting The Heat At Home

Source image above Face it, living with Malaysia means having to deal with the high heat and humidity that comes with it. While being wrapped in choking feeling is certainly an uncomfortable feeling, you can always look...
22 June 2016
Investment Picks

Pay Up Your PTPTN

Source for image above When it comes to loans, you should always make it a priority to establish a good payment habit. With the latest announcement that National Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loan takers might be b...
21 June 2016

Special Feature

What To Do With Your Garden

Source of image above   An often forgotten part of your property, the garden has a big influence on the overall feel of the house as it is a key part of that all important first impression.  Here’s a qu...
20 June 2016
Special Feature

The Advantages of Ownership Versus Rental

In a global economy that is proving to be challenging for future home owners, the demand to have a place of your own is still there. Yet many are tempered by the high commitment that is required to get a property and the...
19 June 2016
Special Feature

What is the Green Building Index?

Source of image above. The Green Building Index (GBI) is Malaysia’s industry recognised green rating tool for buildings to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise awareness among Develo...
18 June 2016
Special Feature

An Alternative to Buy-to-Let Investments

  Source of image above. Once a common form of property investment, buy-to-let has started to lose its lustre as an investment in recent times.  Depressed rental rates are common in most parts of the world an...
17 June 2016

Special Feature

Home Security: Beat The Burglar

Home security has always been something that everyone should be concerned about. Despite the fact that official reports show that crime has decrease to some degree, there are still the odd case or two of crime involving...
16 June 2016
Special Feature

The Best Colours For Your Interior

Colours are an important aspect of decorating the interior of your home. Studies have shown that different colours can affect your mood with some colours being able to make you feel safe or relaxed at home while other co...
15 June 2016
Residential Properties

Sri Petaling Still In Demand

The Edge Property reports that Sri Petaling is looking at maintaining a its growth as a place that is rising in demand due to its location which is slightly beyond the city centre. Past transacted property has indicate...
14 June 2016
Special Feature

Storage Space For Rent

Source of image above While the title might imply something akin to an industrial warehouse for rent, the reality is that condo units are never enough to store all our belongings. The rising trend of self-service storag...
12 June 2016